Hi, This is John. If you'd like to read about some hunts, check out the Baron.

No matter how good this looks, I'm not the expert. But I do work on the site and I did shoot this deer (no, its not sleeping like someone asked).

You can also look over the story of how I learned to hunt.
Or you can read my search for the meaning of life :)        
My email is john@whitetail.com

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Mark with his '04 10pt.        Johnnie's 10pt.                           Johnnie's '04 8pt         
Johnnie Morrison, is probably the greatest hunter not quite on Pretty Lake. He's the guy to write to with all your hunting questions. If he doesn't answer, just keep bugging him :)

There's a great story of this hunt. Yes, this was fair chase and yes, he really does know his bowhunting stuff. His email is johnnie@whitetail.com