Help bring archery education and competition to your local middle school and high school



 Genesis Project

The NASP's goal of teaching 5 million new archers each year!
What is the NASP?

What a crazy goal. Sure as hunters we know that we should teach a kid to hunt and we're doing our best. But not all our kids want to hunt and most kids grow up in non-hunting families... I did. But I did learn to shoot a bow in PE class. I'm sure that helped me get into bow hunting when I noticed the monster bucks running through my back yard some 20 years later.

We can't bring guns into the schools and we can't teach hunting in phy-ed, but we can teach archery. Kids love it... attendance is up on archery days. What's so astounding is that educators are finding significant benefits. The curriculum is ready to use in any school. Developed by professional educators. The format is Olympic style scoring and competition. The bow is the unique Genesis... where the draw weight is constant after the first 15". That means no matter how long the draw length, every shooter has the same weight.

What this really means is that one bow truly fits all. It works from 6 years old through adult.

So many people are putting this together, Matt McPherson, Matthews Archery, TruFlight Arrows, Genesis Archery, National Wild Turkey Federation and many others. A package to start a school, is about $2,700 (for about $5,000 worth of equipment). We want to encourage local archery shops, leagues and clubs to seriously consider contacting NASP, your highschool and middle schools.