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The Hole In The Horn Buck
from the book
Legendary Whitetails

Photo and narrative courtesy Trophy Proportions, (c)1995 and Safari Press Inc.

1940, Portage Co., Ohio

The Boone & Crocket record book lists the "Hole In The Horn" buck as the No. 2 non-typical of all time, but many whitetail experts feel it is the largest set of whitetail deer antlers in history. It is probably the most famous whitetail known.

The unbelievable Ohio non-typical got his name from a small hole that goes all the way through one of the drop tines on the right main beam. The buck's antlers score an incredible 328 2/8 non-typical points.

This deer was found dead in 1940. Most stories of the actual finding of the deer are somewhat speculative. It hung in the Kent Canadian Club in Kent, Ohio for over 40 years. This deer must be seen to be believed.

The St.Louis buck, another tall story of a GREAT deer.

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