Predator Fall Gray Camo

Predator products are designed by hunters with you, the hunter in mind. At, we have chosen to offer the Fall Gray pattern. This pattern features the greatest contrast between light and dark areas giving you the maximum silhouette breakup. The branches enhance "binocular rivalry." The "wild look" clearly differentiates you from hunters who outfit at discount stores.

There are three issues in quality camouflage: Concealment, Comfort and Durability. If any one of these is missing, it isn't quality hunting gear. We believe that Fall Gray is the finest concealment for the widest variety of hunting situations. For one of the clearest discussion of how camo really works, see the Informal Camo Study.

All Items are offered in Predator Fall Gray Camo Pattern

All Predator Camouflage fabrics are manufactured without UV brighteners. We scanned these drawings so that you wouldn't have to wait long to see what the items looked like. Obviously, the actual garments look a whole lot neater in real life.

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