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The World Record non-typical St. Louis Buck

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Photo Courtesy Missouri Department of Conversation, narrative adapted courtesy Trophy Proportions, (c)1995 and Safari Press Inc.

1981, The St. Louis Buck

333 7/8 net points.

I better write that again: 333 7/8 points.

This monster buck fell dead, apparently of natural causes, along a remote roadside on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. It was found by avid deer hunter Dave Beckman on November 11, 1981, and shortly thereafter claimed by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

This buck had no evidence of bullet or arrow wounds, and was not hit by a car. But it's unassuming demise was starkly contrasted by the massive impact it had on the whitetail world. The St. Louis buck beat the old non-typical world record not by an inch or two, but by 1/8 inch short of 4 feet.


The Milo Hanson Buck, current world record...

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