9yr. Olds 13pt. Buck

by Lara Hummel

9/11 Indiana

My 9 year old son Aiden has been anxious for the past couple years to go hunting with his Daddy and his Papaw! My Dad wanted him to get a little stronger with his bow and practice with a gun more before he did! This weekend September 24th and 25th for the youth hunting he finally got to go for the first time!

My Dad wanted him to wait on Saturday for a buck and then told him if he didn't see a buck on Saturday that he would take him back out Sunday morning and let him shoot a doe! He didn't see any bucks on Saturday...just roughly 10 doe!

Saturday night they went up and stayed in my Dad's shack on the hill again and got up early Sunday morning to try again! I got a phone call at 9 am telling me that on my son's first hunting experience and first shot ever...he managed to get a 13 pt. buck! He was so excited and told his Papaw that he just wanted to "cry tears of joy"!

My Dad said that it took him forever to shoot it because he was shaking and didn't think he would get a good shot...so my Dad just told him to relax and he would tell him when to shoot! Right after my Dad told him that, he turned away for a second and heard a gunshot! The buck didn't run too far before it dropped...they came out of the shack and walked short ways and could see his belly stickin up!

My brother in law and Dad had that 13 pt buck on their hit list for bow season because they had seen him around! Needless to say...all of the men in the family are extremely jealous of Aiden...his first time and first shot and he got one big buck! It scored about 160 and my Dad is having it mounted for him to hang up in our house!

This is one proud story I couldn't help but share!

Lara Hummel

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