Chris's First Buck!
by Chris Ross
9 /07 Chesterfield, SC

Hi, my name is Chris Ross. I live in Chesterfield SC. I am 37 years old. My Dad is from Wisconsin. We would always go and visit my grandparents and uncles during the summer. My uncle Mick lived and breathed hunting, and fishing. He always had the coolest stories about his hunting experiences. The garage was full of deer antlers. I never went hunting until I was 30 years old. I spent all my time working, and just being with my family. My nephew Bryant started hunting when he was about 12 years old. So, I started going with him and his daddy, on their land. I hunted with them for 4 years, and only killed does. I never saw any bucks. Then I stopped hunting for 2 years.

Tim Caulder my good friend that I go to church with asked me if I wanted to join a hunting club. So I joined the club. There are only three members on this 234 acre club. Tracks are every were, but we hadn't seen a single deer. The week of thanksgiving (2007) Tim killed two bucks out of this climber sitting on the point of a tree line. He said I could hunt the climber Friday, because he wouldn't going to hunt that day.

Friday morning November the 24th I got up at 5 am and went out to the hunting club. I got in the climber and went up the tree. I sat there until 9:45. I knew that I wasn't going to get a deer today. I stud up to stretch my legs. There he was over my right shoulder. He had just come over the ridge and was headed up the hill where the corn pill was at. I pulled up my gun to get a shoot. The deer was about 120 yards away going between scrub oaks and small pines. I couldn't get a clean shot, so I started to grunt call. He wouldn't stop. Then I thought that maybe if I yelled he might stop. He didn't so I watched him go over the hill. I thought to my self. Chris you blow that opportunity for your first buck. I then thought why not try my grunt call. I put the grunt call to my lips and blew. It was the worst sound you would ever hear come out of that grunt call. I thought that was the nail that sealed the coffin. My hunt was over. I said to myself calm down and try again,
I've got nothing to loose. I took a deep breath and blew. That time it was right. As I looked up the hill I could see his silhouette. I would wait about 30 seconds between calling. Then I saw him coming down the hill on the tree line. He got within about 80 yards in front of me, and he turned to his right. I blew on the grunt call to see if he would stop, but he wouldn't stop. Then I yelled, and the buck stopped. I aimed my gun and squeezed the trigger. He dropped right where I shot him. He was an 8 point buck 150 lbs.

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