12yr. Old Colin's 11pt. Buck

by Ron Daugherty
9/12 Boonville, Indiana

My name is Ron Daugherty from Boonville, IN and want to share an awesome story with you. It is about my 12 year old son Colin. Colin has been going hunting with me since he was 7 years old, when he was 7 and a half I took him through the Hunters Education course and he did great so for his 8th birthday we bought him a shotgun and he has been going with me every year but had not killed anything. This year he decided that he wanted to try bow hunting with me so he worked all summer mowing the grass and doing chores around the house and saved every penny we paid him so he could buy a bow, he had his heart set on a Mission Craze but I just happened to be on craigslist one night and somebody had a brand new Bear Outbreak on there for a really good price so I called about it and we bought it. That was at the end of August, we took it to a friend at a local bow/gun shop and he got it completely set up for my son and started working with him. This past weekend was our you youth weekend here in Indiana so I took him out on Saturday to a friends property and guess what, not only he did he get his first but it was an 11 point buck that he shot at 25yards with his new bow. It was the most awesome that we have ever shared and I will never forget the look on his face.

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