Broke Back Bucks!
by Don Wilkinson

11/07 Saline, MI

My name is Don Wilkinson and I am from Saline Mi. I have been hunting for the past 37yrs of my life, but about 8yrs. Ago I was granted permission to hunt on this farm. Good hunting and lots of Deer. My boys and I have lots of fun since we are the only ones on this property. The only thing is that I always have to let a few good ones go so that they can come back as trophies or get shot elsewhere.

I am a whitetail hunter and 3yrs ago on a hunting expedition with my second son Curtis I had the misfortune of an accident. My tree stand broke and I fell and broke my back. After UofM fixed me up I do still have some nerve pain but that does not stop you from doing the things that you like to do HUNTING.

Two years ago I met a good luck charm and 3mths after she woke up one morning and told me that she had dreamt that I had shot the big buck and that it was a nine point. Now she does not know much about hunting but she is learning fast.

Two days later I decided to go hunting on that cold Saturday morning, she wished me luck and I left. After being on my tree stand for two hours, I heard a noise as of a pay train in high speed. I looked through the brushes in the direction of the noise and saw this buck heading my way. I pulled back my bow and when the time was right I aimed and released the shot he just dropped in his track and fell onto the ground.

WOW I looked down at him and I just sat there for awhile, took out my cell and called my sweetheart at home to info her about my take down she was ecstatic. My last son Daniel and my sweetheart came down to help me since it was a bad pain day for me. When she saw the buck she said “Honey this is the big boy that I dreamt.” She kept saying “oh my god.” I gutted the deer and all three of us dragged him out of the woods. He was a 9pt and weighed 214 lbs dressed out and scored 147.

Now this is not the end, again one morning she woke up and told me that I will have the luck of taking down an unusual buck who will be standing out in the fields with three does with him and she describe him as a Christmas tree (the rack) . One week later I came home early and decided to go hunting, I had just gotten onto my tree stand when I saw this buck just standing out in the field waiting I smiled to and pulled back my bow and released he ran for about 30yds and fell. He was an unusual 11pts and weighed 145lbs, dressed out and scored 145. They are both hanging over the fire place and are now known as “Big Boy” and “Christmas Tree thanks to her dreams and my perseverance to go hunting pain or no.

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