Six O'clock Buck

by B.J. Holty

11/10 Wisconsin

Well, I got this nice 11 pt buck opening day of the gun season in Wisconsin. I was hunting in a stand about 300 yards away from my Dad. I was hunting at some great family friends place, the Howards in Adams County.

Well, I had seen about 5 doe in the morning at that same spot. Since we were in a deer management area, I was looking for a nice buck with a rack outside the ears. I went in for lunch and came back to my spot at about 2:00 and was really just couldn't wait to see deer. I had been situated for about an hour or so and then all of a sudden a doe appeared out of the marsh in front of me, 20 yards away. It continued to walk directly under me. Any closer, it would have split my tree. My heart always races when I get to see a deer, especially that close.

So great. It walked underneath and back to my right into the thicker woods. 5 minutes later, I hear something. Look back and to my right again and see about 5-6 deer (all doe, I believe) jumping around and playing. Crazy! They continued on back into the woods. Then.... 20 minutes later, at my 4 o'clock, I see some big white antlers. I said to myself, "Are you serious? Is this happening?" I then saw the body and thought, "Alright, how am I going to do this? Thick woods and it's back and to my right (I'm right handed so I had not shot around that side of the tree.)... I'm going to either have only one chance or no chance." So, I turned around while the deer was walking from my 4 o'clock to my 6 o'clock. I put my gun against the tree facing my 6:00 and just waited.

I had about a 1 foot lane to shoot. And what do you know. I see the head of the deer walk right into my scope, 65 yds. away. As it walks a tad further I pull the trigger and the deer drops. I couldn't believe it. 5 minutes later the deer lifts its head and nearly gets up, so I take another shot. Then, it continues to move for the next 20 minutes. All of this happened in that small 1 foot opening 65 yds. away. After a while of no movement, I get down and go the other direction to go get my dad. Called my girlfriend on the way to tell her. Then I got to my dad and I told him that I shot a big buck. Of course he is pumped! I told him I don't know what the status of the deer is though. So, we both go to check it out. We are walking up to the deer (about 20 yds away) and the buck lifts its head and looks directly at us. It then gets up and takes off. My dad had a better view, so he took 2 shots and it drop. Wow! This big boy didn't want to die. Tough deer! Couldn't believe it. It was a once in a lifetime shot.

Come to find out, the deer probably would have eventually died, because I had a great shot on my first shot. Right in the neck. It was just a tough customer. Boy do I find excitement in hunting. To be able to harvest this amazing God-given creature. Sweet! People were pumped to see the deer. Some even called and said they were really jealous. I have been blessed to have some great experiences in hunting and this is near the top. May never have these again.

B.J. Holty

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