Biggar Buck of the Year

by Steve Ostapiw

1/06 Biggar, Saskachewan, Canada

I was first introduced to hunting when I was around 8 yrs old by my dad who was in need of a couple of good kids to push bush around where I grew up North Battleford,Sask,Canada.

I shot my first deer at the age of 13. I have shot a number of really nice whitetails and mule deer in my 35 years of life. The biggest whitetail was around 135 typical and the biggest mule was around the 190 non-typical.

Some really nice deer in Saskachewan,Canada as I'm sure you've all heard of the Hanson Buck which just so happened to shot a mere 8 miles east of where I shot my deer.

I work for CNR as a conductor and also own my own construction/renovation business so I'm kept real busy with that and I really have to struggle to make time to hunt and fish.I also enjoy hunting upland game birds and fishing for Walleye and Pike.

So about the story, I had been hunting for 3 weeks and had shot 3 mule deer does for meat. I had seen a couple nice Whitetail buckks but so had everyone else so there was an aweful lot of preasure from other hunters so the bucks were becoming pretty wild.

I went out on Dec.1/05 by myself and decided to head north and west(an area that I'm not that familar with) I was going to keep drving until I filled my tag because there was only a couple of days left in the season and I was getting sick of all the hunters.I was in my truck driving down a grid road at 9:00 am when I saw a whitetail doe standing in a slough bottom.I decided I as going to tag out on a doe so I kept driving until I was out of site from her. I parked my truck, left it running so as to try to draw attn. away from the sound of my footsteps(we just had a fresh skiff of snow the night before) I loaded my Parker Hale 30-06 and headed towards her. I crossed a fence and walked over a small hill, I couldn't see the doe but 350 yards away there he was standing broadside looking at me.I raised my gun to my shoulder and scoped him for a good 10 seconds(which felt like eternity)to make sure it wasn't a mule deer then sqeezed the trigger. I heard that ever satisfing "WHOMP" so I knew that I had hit him. He ran for about 200 yards and dropped.I had hit him through the bottom of his lungs so I was rather pleased with myself at that distance.

The walk back to my my truck was more like the hundred yard dash. Once I got back to my truck my foot was shaking so bad, I couldn't step on the gas pedal.once I settled down a little,I gutted and went back to Biggar (where I call home) and picked a freind of mine to come out and help me load him.

When Igot back to town with him in my truck ,I had alot of people stopping to take a look at him. I took him to big buck night in Biggar on the Saturday after the season closed and won biggest buck which got me a free head /shoulder mount. so to say the least I'm very proud and feel very lucky to have been at the right place at the right time.

I will continue to hunt ,although I don't know if I will ever see another like this guy in my scope again. But here's hoping!!!!!

Thanks for all the great stories guys and gals.

Keep shooting' straight, Steve