Randy's Big Buck

by Randy & Mike Jett

10/06 Ohio

Hunting Whitetails has become a family activity for brothers Randy and Mike Jett. The 2005 season was very successful as both Randy and Mike took bucks during the Ohio Bow season. This was pretty common, over the past several years the Jett brothers had killed quite a few nice bucks, but the 2005 season would be an unforgettable year.

The season started with thoughts of killing the “Big” buck that roamed the farm that the Jett brothers hunted. The owner of the land had alerted them that a big buck had been spotted and encouraged them to be on the watch. Early in the season Randy and Mike spotted the big buck several times, but on no occasion would the buck offer either of them a shot. Their stands where located about 500 yards a part on a ravine that cut through the middle of the property, both stands faced south looking at a huge grove of pines that the deer used for cover. After weeks of hunting and passing up on several smaller bucks it was time to make a change in the strategy, so Mike purchased a new ladder stand and located the perfect spot. Randy and Mike placed the stand at the end of the ravine that led to the deer’s favorite feeding area. The stand was put up on November 6th, 2005. Mike knew the deer were traveling through the area and he took vacation on Thursday November 10th to hunt. Shortly after 8:00am the “Big” buck came to within 60 yards of Mike but wouldn’t get any closer. On Saturday November 12th Mike was in his stand and again the big buck came out of the pines and was walking right towards him. At 80 yards the “Big” buck started chasing a doe which took the buck in the opposite direction. Shortly after Mike saw the buck his cell phone rang and he had to leave to go help his nephew drag out an 8 point buck that he had just shot a couple of farms away. “I really didn’t want to leave my stand knowing that big buck was in the area and chasing does” Mike said. “But I had to go and help; it was my nephew’s first buck”. On Sunday November 13th the Jett brothers were back on their stands and some very interesting things happened. Randy had the “Big” buck come to within 45 yards but could not get a shot due to the poor position of the buck. “The buck would not give me a broadside shot” Randy stated. When the buck left Randy climbed down from his stand and started walking towards Mike’s stand. As Randy approached, Mike drew on a buck and killed him as Randy watched. “I was behind Mike about 50 yards and saw him draw, but I could not see the deer” Randy said. The 7 pointer that Mike killed came in so fast that Mike couldn’t make out exactly how big he was. “He had a nice rack and a big body, I was thinking it was the “Big” buck” Mike stated. Mike shot and killed the deer dropping him right in his tracks. “The buck came running through the standing corn chasing two does and all I could see was his rack” Mike stated.

On Monday November 21st Randy decided to try his luck from Mike’s stand. Randy got to the woods and was in the stand at 3:35pm. Twenty minutes later Randy had 13 does come in behind him making their way to the corn field. He watched the does until 5:00pm, the wind was blowing out of the north right into the pines, getting tired of watching the does Randy turned and faced the pines, almost instantly the “Big” buck appeared and was heading straight for the stand. The “Big” buck came to the exact same spot that Mike had killed his buck. The “Big” buck stopped at 23 yards placed his nose to the ground to smell the blood of Mike’s deer and offered Randy a perfect broadside shot. When the “Big” buck lifted his head he turned and looked away, the rest is history. Randy took the shot and the “Big” buck ran 43 steps and died. When Randy saw the buck drop he called Mike and stated “Mike I killed him”. When Randy approached the “Big” buck he was amazed at the mass of the rack and the number of score able points. Randy counted the points and was happy to learn that the buck had 18 points and both sides of the rack were almost perfect. “I was so excited” Randy said. I knew he was big I just didn’t know how big. After several more phone calls Randy had plenty of help dragging the “Big” buck out of the woods. The amazing part of this hunt was that Randy and Mike killed 2 bucks out of the same stand within 8 days of each other. The Jett brothers would like to thank the land owners for allowing the privilege to hunt and for those that helped Randy drag the deer out of the woods. The 2005 Bow season was very successful for the whole family. Nephews Levi and Lance killed their first deer ever both taking nice 8 points. Their father Kevin killed a 9 point (his first deer also) and friends Craig and Danny killed 7 and 9 point bucks respectively. “This year was the most unforgettable year ever”

Randy stated.
Submitted by Randy and Mike Jett
December 10th, 2005.

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