Tommy's 1st Buck
by Tommy Smith

1/07 Kentucky

My name is Tommy Smith. I am tweleve years old. The is my second year for deer hunting. Last year I hunted but did not get anything. I have walked with my dad for several years to learn about the saftey of hunting. I was not allowed to carry a gun until I pasted my hunter saftey course. I scored a 97% on it. I score better than some of the adults in the class.

Last weekend was Deer Youth season in Ohio. My favorite weekend. Dad and I had been watching the deers for weeks in the area, hoping to get a chance at one. Saturday we had seen two big bucks but had to chance to shoot at them. The next day was Sunday, Dad and I set out earley that morning,because it was the last day for youth season. My last chance before everyone came out. It was just dad and I who set out that day to get the deer of a life time. It was cloudy and spitting snow. It had rained the day before so it was real muddy. We had ran across several deer earlier but they came at me so quick I did not have a chance to shoot. Then dad found Mr. Big. Dad has been hunting him for three or four years. He was laying down with his feet out in front of him. Dad whispered our game plan. My heart was racing like crazy. It felt like it could jump out of my chest. This was my chance to have Mr. Big. Dad came up to him from behind so he would go right in front of me. At first the deer did not get up. Then dad moved closer to him. Up he came from where he had been resting. Right in front of me . I shot once, I hit him. But he did not drop. So I shot him again. Down he went. I got him !!!!!!!!! Dad told me to go up and poke him from behind to make sure he was dead. I had heard they can get up and take off again. I poked him, he did not move. Mr.Big was a ten point buck with a thick mass. I asked dad if he was mad at me ? No, he said I am very proud of you. Dad called Jack to see if he would bring the truck back to help us get him. Jack brought his brand new Chevy truck. Dad said if it had been him who got Mr. Big he would have brought old blue. Dad called his buddys. Dad told the story over and over again. Mom took pictures. My brother was even happy for me. They could not believe the wonderful deer I had shot. After we tagged him in, dad's hunting buddy's(mine too) took pictures and more pictures. I felt like a star.I still could not believe I did it. I had to look at the pictures later just to make me believe that I did it. I took the pictures to school the next day and my friends could not believe that I shot him.( I think they was jealous) What a weekend. One I will never forget thanks to my dad. Dad said he has waited alot of years to have a chance to take me hunting like his dad took him many years ago.

Tommy Smith

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