Ty's 1st Woodstock Buck
by Tyler Tutterow

12/04 Cloverdale, Indiana

I'm a 17 year old hunter from Cloverdale, Indiana. I have been hunting for 9 years. I've never had anyone in my imediate family that was into hunting so i've always been kinda on my own. Through my 9 years i have shot multiple times at deer but never managed to complete the process.

It was the thursday before opening morning of shotgun season in Indiana, and still i was left with no decent location to hunt. I have about 80 acres next to me that i am allowed to hunt but it is always pretty loaded with hunters opening weekend. So i decided to call my buddies dad to see if i could join them for ther saturday hunt. Bill said, "no problem Ty, just come on out tomorrow night and we will find a place for oyu to hunt. Saturday morning rolled around, it was about 35 degrees and raining. We went ahead and went out to the woods. They put me in their newest stand on a Bio-logic food plot. All morning i sat in the rain with no luck at all. That evening we went back to the woods, i decided to sit in the same stand. From this location, i had a perfect veiw of no only the food plot but a cut cornfield and a faily think wooded area behind me. I hadnt even so much as heard a deer all day. I decided id rattle a little just to ease the bordem when i began to hear movement in the underbrush. I believed it to be a pesky squirrel, so i kinda blew it off. A few minutes later somthing told me to look behind me in a little clearing. Out popped a nose, that was a little big to be a squirrel. So, i stood up, streched, and grabbed my gun. The deer took another step forward and i saw rack, i knew this was going to be an interesting shot from the angle but i could do it. It took another step and i shot. The deer didnt flinch, it took off jumped a fence and ran out of sight into the field behind me. I climbed out of my stand and checked the ground where the deer had been standing, i found no blood, my wadding split in half, and a spot of hair. I ran out into the field, by now the buck fever had fully set in and i was shaking like a G.I Joe on a one day pass in a naked-Barbie Woodstock. I Ran out about 10 yards and so what i though was a 4 point buck laying about 100 yards in the field. I ran out to find out my very first deer was a MASSIVE 8 point buck. By the time i finished catching my breathe, my buddy was there hugging me, and his dad was coming through the woods. WE all stood there and marveled at the monster, it was getting dark. They went to get the tractor as a i made sure nothing happened to my trophy, I was so much in shock and awe. I missed the chance to shoot 3 more does that were walking straight towards me in the field. This first deer will be extremely hard to beat.