Albie's Opener Buck


Alright it was opening day here in maryland it was farley descent outside. In the morning my dad and uncle were telling me to be quiet days be4 we go out so that i dont disturbe them by me talking on our 2way-radios so i was real quiet never said a word so here it was around 9am. my dad gets on the radio Albie! i awnser and i said wat he says how u doingi said ok a lil cold i might walk bak to the truck he says stik it out for a lil while so i did He kept talkign ot me yakedy yak yak yalk so he asked me somthign and i went to reply and i turn up to look in the feild while i was talking and here was this buck 83 yards away i was talking an di said OH *&#@ and dropped the radio 1 shot BOOM he kicks i c blood go everywhere so my dad said WAY TO GO ALBIE!!! on the radio an di said it was a buck and everythign so we waited botu 30min or som my dad is on his way and so is my uncle and kirk to help me find this deer so we looked and there he weas in the middle of the feild on the other side 60yds from where i shot em! not a bad lil buck nto in the least but we dressed him and everythign we think he waid liek 120 or so not a bad opening DAY!

ALbie .