Albie Bags a Big MD Buck


Well it was the last day of shotgun season in maryland. But i had already tagged a smaller buck on opening day but i was in my stand and i had fallen asleep and then my uncle calls to tell me that 5 does were headed my way. so i had gotten ready and i finally saw them (i had never killed a doe before ) so i was going to shoot 1 of em so then i had a good shot 40yds away i took it and i thought for shore i hit 1 but i didnt and then i shot at them a couple more times and didint hit them. well i could hae had more shots at them but i had to reload so i turned around to reload and then i saw this buck way way across the feild i knew i had to shoot him .well i put 3 shells in and i knelt down and all i saw was his neck and i aimed for the white on it and shot. BOOM! i shot, he droped just like a bird right where he stood.

so well i waited for my dad and the other hunters that hunt with us to get over to my stand to seen if there was blood and they walked to where i had shot and there he was they raised their hands and yelled COM"ON u got him i was so happy because i knew he was a big one and the fact that i had shot at some does and missed so i got down out of my stand as fast as i could and hauled butt getting across the feild and there he was the biggest deer of my life.

we took out the range finder and it was 118yds.away. i was so happy to be able to get another mountable deer bigger than the one i had gotten a few years back . so we feild dressed him and everything we were goign to get it moounted so we didnt take him off the truck until we went home to skin him and we are guessing he weighed 180- 185 lbs and it was a 17in spread 8pt. i shot with my remington 12ga.870