Anthony's Alabama 8 pt.


Well im only 12 so my dad walked me out to the shooting house which was set up on a food plot. Then he went on to his place to hunt.There was a fishing magazine in there so I was reading that. Time went on and my dad had said earlier that right next to the shooting house a huge deer came out but he had a bow and he was on the other side of the food plot so he couldn't take a shot at it. Well i kept looking at the trail where that big buck came out. I was looking and i saw something that almost looked like a squirrel but it wasnt, it was a tiny fawn and a doe following. I had already made my mind up that i wasnt going to shoot a doe so i watched them for a couple minutes.Then i turned to look on the other side of the food plot and i saw a couple of deer. i threw my rifle up to see if there were any bucks but there wasnt there was 2 does and 5 fawns so i watched
them and i started watching the real little one play.I turned to see if those other deer where still there and about that time they took off running. They were too far away to see me i didnt make any noise and the wind was blowing away from them so they didnt smell me.I then turned to see if i spooked the doe and fawn but they were still there.

It hadnt been 10 seconds and i looked in some sage brush across the field and that 8 point stuck his head up to see what spooked those other deer. He put his head down but it was too late I knew he was there. i put up my 30-06 and put it on his heart lung area which i could barely see and i
shot and a second buck jumped up. They were close together so i thought it was the same deer, so i shot again. I saw him fall and was looking for him in the grass. i saw him i and was going to shoot again but my dad came up and said to not shoot so he went in the grass and seen the 8 point dead he said he's dead.

i said i guess there was 2 deer then (i was still in the shooting house) he was looking but couldnt see any other buck. i went out there and the other deer jumped up and my dad ran after him. the deer stopped and looked back at my dad and my dad shot with his open sight 30-30 and the 9 point fell. The 9 point weighed 183 lbs and had a 12 inch inside spread and the 8 point had a 16 7/ 8ths inch inside spread and weighed 201lbs. If you look to the right of me and my 8 point you can see the 9 point my dad got.