12 Year Old's Trophy


This story is written by Wades father. Wade got up Sunday morning at 5:30 am ,we sat and talked about how today was the day,he began getting dressed about 6:05am he was headed for his tree stand by 6:15,he called me on the cell phone at 6:25 and told me he was locked in his tree stand safely ,the rules were that he would climb to his stand ,clip his harness in ,load his gun ,cock it ,make sure it was on safety ,and call me to let me know he was safe in his stand.

I poked around the garage all morning without the radio on trying to listen for a shot but nothing was to happen until 8:43 am ,I was in the house fixing a cup of tea,and a friend pulled up and just as I was about to start a conversation with him ,THE PHONE RANG ,it was Wade ,his exact words will ring in my mind forever,I GOT ONE DAD ,I SHOT A BUCK ,I SHOT A BUCK DAD ,I told him to sit tight till I got there ,I got my stuff together,jumped on my quad on took off ,when I got there he was hopping up and down with all the excitement and overwhelming joy you could ever imagine,as soon as I turned toward him he headed away from me and toward the deer as soon as he got near it he stopped and pointed at it and said "look dad there it is ".

I pulled the deer down to a place where I could get a good picture and field dressed it ,then we hauled it to the house.
now it's time for wades story of the hunt.

He was sitting in his stand for 2 hours and 15 minutes,it was 28-30 degrees 8 mi wind out of the north west ,his stand faces south west, probably around 8:40 he sees a buck running north west along the top of a ridge about 70 yards away,he draws his gun snaps off the safety and fires at his heart and lungs he doesn't alow for the deers speed so the slug hits him and passes through both back legs in the hip area ,my guess is if the buck would have been standing still he would have knocked out his heart and lungs with the first shot,anyway ,the big buck turned and headed direcly at him .slowly checking out what was going on ,he started walking down a 45 degree incline and stopped behind a tree ,wade was already cocked and waiting for his next shot,as soon as the front shoulder area cleared the tree POW,he said he just dropped and never moved again ,then he called me ,after dressing the deer we found the 2nd shot completly took out the left lung ,people stopped by all day to see the monster buck this 12 year old boy bagged all by himself.13 points 165 lbs field dressed. There could not be a prouder father of a son .