From Georgia

It was a very sunny afternoon on December 3,1998, when I made my way
over to Quitman(south ga) to go deer hunting. About half way there I
got a phone call and it was my dad's uncle, it was his land I was
hunting on. He told me that one of his friends got a 200lbs 13point
that morning. Man that made me mad. That was my third year of hunting
and I still hadn't gotten one. Well, I stoped by his house and looked
at pictures and then headed out for my stand. I was about 45 minutes
late and knew it was going to be a bad day.
The field I hunt over was an old corn field and I had my stand set up
in a far, low lieing corner. Since the start of that season, I would
see up to nine does at one time and knew there had to be a buck
around there somewhere. So, I took my mad self to the stand and
thought, "Who knows, today might be the day". About 5:00 a doe walked
out into the field and I was so mad, I wa never going to get a buck.
Five minutes later a big one came out right behind her. I was going
CRAZY! I didn't think I was going to be able to hold the gun still
enough to shoot. But I did and I got him. He ran about twenty yards
and took a nose dive.(he's the one on the left) For a chirstmas
persent, my dad got him mounted and he is hanging in out liveing
room, for everyone to see.
Well, the next season came around and I only went four or five times.
I kept going to the same field and still saw all the does. Just like
last year, on my way to Quitman, I got a phone call. This time from my
cousin, Michael. He was telling me about the deer he had killed the
past weekend and I was very unhappy. I has shot like eight and I only
had one. I'm older, I was supposed to have more, but I didn't. Again,
it was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Perfect for deer hunting,
yeah right! Anyway, I got to my stand, late like alwaqys and climbed
up it. While in the car I got hungry, so I brought some candy with
me. I was doing everything wrong. Yelling at squirls, moveing around,
and EATING. How stupid can I get or how stupid can the deer get?
Around 4:45, I heard something behind me, I knew it wasn't a squirl
and I began to get nervous. I turned around to look, but the woods
were too dark to see into. As it got closer, I could see a little bit
of white(his rack) and thought, "Ok, here he comes"! He finally made
his way into the field and when he turned around, I took a shot. I
got him. I was sssoooo happy. I don't know what I'm going to do next
year, I'm going to college. But I'll find somewhere to hunt.
(left)210lbs 8 point, with a 16in spread
(right)175lbs 8 point, with a 14in spread and a 6in brow tine
Brian Wortman