Like Father Like Son

by Richard & Ben Clouse

10/06 Indiana

I am 41 years old. I've been hunting 25 years. I got in the sport with a friend of mine. The kinds of hunting I enjoy the most are deer hunting, turkey hunting, and rabbit hunting. My hunting buddy told me adout this spot where he had seen deer going tough. I was with my son that is 14 years old. This was the first time he had been in the woods. We didn't scout but our buddy told us about this buck but he didn't tell us how big he was.

I felt really good when we were gitting ready. I told my son that we were going to kill a big buck and come back and kill us a big doe. It was second weekend of bow season. It was a full moon the day before. I kept thinking that it was the day that I was going to kill a big buck. When the deer came into sight I kept calm but my son was shakeing hevy. So I told my son to get down. I got on my kneeze with a blind on my back. I pulled my bow back and when he took that step I let it go. After the shoot my son said, did you hit him? And I said, "I thank I did." So when I said that, we heared the sound of glory. We heard him full. So we waited for 20 min and and looked for blood. The blood was every where. He only ran 20 yd. when we found him, I just started numbering the points off 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.I yeld, "back straps!" I was very happy. So me and my boy droug him out to my truck. Then we drove to the camper. Every one was happy. This has change my way of hunting for long time.


We were hunting a small woods. We set for two hours, then I did a doe bleat. I looked up to my dad and said, "There a dog coming." Then my dad said it was a deer. It got 10 yds. away I pulled the triger and nothing hapend. I had left the safety on. It started to run off but my dad did a grount. It stopped and I shot. IT fell dead in its tracks. It wasn't a big deer but it was good for my first deer. IT 62 PD button buck.