Dave's First Bow Buck
North Carolina


Well I been deer hunting for about 25 years now and just this year I decided I was going to bow hunt,and the reason why was because my future son-in-law said his dad had purchased some land just for the purpose of deer hunting. Well it didn't take me long to ask if he had me a place picked out which he told me that his dad said I was more than welcome to hunt. It was already a few weeks before bow season so I didn't have much time to waste. We scouted the land for sign and the place I found had a lot of old buck sign fresh droppings,but there was really no hot trails coming in. I had a good feeling about the area so I decided to build me a stand there. The land is located in stokes county North Carolina which is known for some rather nice bucks.

After I got the stand built I started baiting which is legal in N.C.Like I said before I hadn't never done any bowhunting, so here I was a couple weeks till season and no bow and really couldn't afford one. Then my nephew came by to see me and told me about his bow which was a p.s.e. nova and ask if I would like to borrow it because of his work schedule he wouldn't be able to hunt. With no hesitation I said sure. Well the arrows he had were too short for my draw so I borrowed some from a brother-in-law. Then another friend told me I needed a release aid and he had a extra one I could borrow. Soon I was zeroed in and ready to go.

After five weeks of hunting there was nothing eating my apples or corn and I had seen no deer. I was ready to make a move to some where else because the other guys were seeing deer everytime they went to their stands. That's when I went and bought me a baby grand portable stand. About four days before I was going to put the stand up I pored out some pears which was on a Sunday then on Thursday I went to hang the stand but first I went to check out my built stand and wouldn't u know it out of a bushel of pears there was only three pears left on the ground. After seeing that I said heck with hanging a stand, i'll hunt this one a couple more times. So the next evening I got in there three hours before dark and after a couple hours I was telling myself they must be coming in at dark to feed.

Next thing I know I heard noise coming in behind me and when it was under me I decided to take a peek. I have never in my life been so tore up over anything all I could see was horns, my heart was beating so loud I could hear it and I was shaking like a dog crapping persimmon seeds. The bow was resting on a tree beside me and finally when I got it on my knee the arrow came unnocked as I looked down I saw dirt packed in the nock finally I got it cleaned out about the time the buck was walking away at an angle, but luckily he stopped a couple times and when I drew back my headnet slide across my eyes. Finally I got it straightened out the buck was about thirty yards away broadside, and some how some way I made a double lung shot.thanks to someone looking out after me, he ran about fifty yards and fell over. IM just glad that when u get pulled back it takes out a lot of shake in you.

David Johnson