Monster 1st Buck
by Sean Doyle

8/04 Augusta, KS

My twelve year old son Sean received his Hunters Safety Card in October of this year. I told him if he passed I would take him deer hunting this year. We live in Augusta, Kansas a small town east of Wichita, Kansas and on December 3rd opening day we set out to our hunting area east of town. We arrived at 5:50 a.m. and at 6:45 we spotted a small four point buck about a hundred yards out. Sean, being his first time deer hunting was nervous and missed the shot. I started using my Primos Doe Call and within five minutes we had another four point come in from the north west at about forty yards out. Sean was not ready and the buck knew there was something wrong. When Sean cocked back the hammer of the Winchester 30-30 the buck spooked and ran back west about fifteen yards. As I continued to use the doe call, trying to get the buck in the open so Sean could take a shot I noticed out of the corner of my eye a massive buck coming in from behind us. Sean had his rifle up and as the buck walked in front of us. I grunted one more time and the buck stopped and looked at us. Sean pulled the trigger and the buck dropped. As we approached the buck I could tell it was bigger then I thought. This was the buck I have been looking for for twenty five years. This was a very large twelve point and weighed about 275 lbs.
After getting home and showing it off to fellow hunters I was going to cut the rack off and hang it on a plack for Sean. I had several people tell me I was crazy and that I should have it mounted. Sean having a small town paper route agreed to pay half for the mount. We took it to a local Taxidermist. I asked him what he thought the buck might score and he stated that he was not an offical scorer but thought if it was scored it would be a 170 to 180 class.