Goose Bags a Big MD Buck
East Shore, MD. 12/1/2000

I was in my stand opening day when my dad came to get me. We decided that he would try to drive a doe toward me. Well when he was driving when this 8 pt. came from the opposite side. Shaking, I lifted my 20 ga. to my shoulder aim on his shoulder blade and pulled the trigger! He did'nt move only looked at me, I relized he was to close and I shot over him.So I aimed under him and Pulled the trigger! Almost instantly he dropped to the ground. Kicking and moving on the ground I was Afraid I wounded him so I climbed out of my stand and approached him squared on his shoulder and shot, then he stopped kicking.

My Dad came back after hearing the 3 shots and said " why the hell are ya shootin' squirrels?" I said " Get over here and help me 'haul this 8 point"