Colter's First Buck
by Colter Grayson

6/05 Horn Lake, MS

Yes hello my name is Colter Grayson and im 13 from Horn Lake,MS. I killed this deer on 11-16-03 he was my first deer and as a matter of fact it was my first deer hunt.

It was about 6:00 A.M. and me and my dad arrived at our spot. (This hunt was a youth hunt so it was either sex.)We walked to our spot and settled down and we were thier maybe about 7:30 my dad saw a huge doe and moshend me over to him and then about 10 minutes later I saw a baby doe jump out and missed her.( since I had never shot gun.) Boy was I shaking and I said to my dad thats the only shot Ill get my dad agreed with me and went to where I had been sitting on the opposite side of me.. Then about 9:30 I was getting tired and bored and half asleep when I look up and saw my buck not 7 feet in from of me,and BOOM!!!!! I shot him and he died. He was a 4-point and about 180 pounds. So thats the story of my first deer.