Jerimiah's 1st Buck
by Jerimiah Havicus

12/06 Kentucky

During Kentucky's late muzzeloading season, it was unseasonably warm, like 55 to 60 degrees. But being the hunter I am, I got my stuff together and headed out anyway.

I decided I would glass and stalk for bedded deer, I was after what ever I saw, doe or buck it didn't matter. I walked around from just before daylight till 9 or so with no prevail. After stopping by my Grandmas for some breakfast I headed back out.

By now it is like 10:30 and I'm getting a little discouraged bet kept on going. I walked up the ridge above my papaw's house and looked over in the fields that run with the hills, thats when I saw them, antlers not big but finally I see antlers. He was about 120 yards away, he winded me about that time and stood up to walk/run away. I said to myself it is now or never, I brought my old CVA Bobcat up and set the sights right above his front shoulder and let the hammer fall. He jumped straight up and fell over. I was so relieved I finally killed a buck.

After I got to him I realized that it was a main frame 8 pt. with about a 3 inch kicker off of his right base. Not big but a nice first trophy.

Jerimiah Havicus

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