Great New Stories
Not necessarily the kind you would find in leading hunting magazines.

-Tom Considine - 1stCrossbow Buck - WI NEW!
-Colin Daugherty-12yr Old's 11pt Buck-IN
-Aiden Hummel - 9yr Old's 13pt. Buck - IN
-B.J. Holty - 6 o'clock Buck - WI
-Doug McIntyre - Blizzard Buck - NY
-Johnny Migs - QDM Buck - WI
-Richard & Ben Clouse - Like Father Like Son
-Scott Howell - Rollercoaster of Emotions - AR
-Craig Turney - Pray'd in Buck - OK
-Jim Dean- A 20 Year Drought - PA
-Mary's Dad's Buck - OH
-Tammy's First Buck - PA
-Steve Ostopiw- Biggar Buck of the Year - SAS
-Ray Sikes- I Shot Bambi's Momma - DE
-Larry Porter - God Smiled on Me Today - TN
-Jessica Noble - My First Buck - TN
-Mark Neumann - Busting-Out Buck - WI
-Josh Phoenix - Josh's First Buck - MI
-Colter Grayson - Colter's First Buck - MS
-Scott Reeves - Alberta Buck - AL
-Brian Tomassacci - My & Granpa's Buck - PA
-Corie Kazee - Backyard Buck - KY
-Ty Tutterow - Ty's First Woodstock Buck - IN
-Shane Stein - Shane's Full Blast Buck - Ohio
-Chris Stewart - Iowa Corn Monster
-Kerry Schmidt - Kerry Kills the King - MN
-Sean Doyle - Monster First Buck - Kansas
-Brock Decker - Purserverence Buck - Illinois
-Matt Fyffe - Grandma's Buck - Kentucky
-Todd Cole - About Time Buck - Ohio
-Lee Harris - Early Xmas Present - N. Carolina
-Adam Matson - The Matson Curse - Wisconsin
-Ron from UP - Opening Day Buck - Michigan
-Billy Herlth - Billy's Biggest Buck - Conneticut
-Rob Wheat - First Shotgun Buck - Midwest
-Cory Hughes - Uncles'Buck - Georgia
-Brian Kittrell - Power Line Buck - Mississippi
-Tanner Black - Tanners Browning Buck - Ok
-Tom Hauser - TOM'S 1st P&Y BUCK - NY
-Scott Frantom - Froze Toes Buck - Ohio
-Chris Ovanek - Chris's Secret Spot - NC
-Jonathan's B&C Monster - 14 yr old!
-Wade Bohannon - 12 Year Old's Trophy!
-Helena Jacobsen -Helena's First Buck - Wis 

-Ryan Albee - Smoke-Polin' in the Snow NEW!
-Mark Fetcho - Super Trail Tree Stand - PA
-Kenny Pearce - Chance of a Lifetime - OK
-Jan Cary - Tears on Opening Day - NY
-Don Wilkinson - Broke Back Buck! - MI
-Chad Meier - Taking My Trophy! - WI
-Chris Ross - Chris's First Buck! - SC
-Aaron Cox - It Doesn't Get Any Better! - WI
-Zach Gorton - That Feeling of a 1st Deer- NH.

-Tommy Smith - Tommy's 1st Buck - 12 yrs OH.
-Jerimiah Havicus - Jerimiah's 1st Buck - KY.
-Ed Kelly - Up and Down Buck - NY.
-Randy & Mike Jett - Randy's "Big" Buck - OH.
-Stony Estock - Stony's MO Buck - MO
-Michael Kincaid - The Pine Ravine Buck - OH.
-Ricky Riner - 15 Years Old - WV
-Brian Wortman - 8pt Pair - GA
-Joe Culpepper - 16 Years Old - TX
-Tim Lucas - From New York
-Lloyd - 16 Years Old - VT
-Johnnie Morrison - Pretty Lake Buck - WI
-John Miglautsch - Teaching and Ol Dog - WI
-The Baron - Venado Hills, WI
-Sheila T - 16 Years Old - KY
-G.R. Jacobs - Pratice Makes Perfect - TX
-Andy Thomas - From Georgia
-Steve Tallant - The Two Click Bang Buck - Tx
-Bill Johnson - The Lunch Time Buck - Va
-Goose Bags a Big Md Buck
-Martin Lewis - The Second Chance Buck - PA
-Nick Carlson - Nick's First Buck - East Iowa
-Mark Fischer - My '98' 10 Pointer - Wi
-David Johnson - Dave's First Bow Buck - WI
-Dave Lockstein - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Bucks - WI
-Albie's Opener Buck - Maryland
-Albie Bags a Big MD Buck
-Anthony's Alabama 8pt
-Wes Pederson - Bush Wacker Buck - Canada
-John Murphy - Beginner's Luck Buck - WI
-Mike Shoup - Three Strikes Buck - Ohio
-Chris Clark - Out Cold Buck - Miss.
-Wyatt Jenson - Wyatt's First Buck - Minn.
-John Chapman - Lucky John's Bow Buck - Mich.
-Jeff Searles - Fort Campbell Monster - Minn.
-JohnnyMigs - Teaching and Old Dog New Tricks

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