Wyatt's First Buck
Northern Minnesota, 01/12/02

I spend a lot of time reading your web site (http://whitetail.com) and I was in my stand on the 4th day of season and I decided to use some of the techniques that I have heard of on your site from the stories section.

I was sitting there and it was about 8:15 a.m. I got to my stand at 8:00a.m. because I was running late to get to my spot, I sat down and started to grunt, I waited about 15 min. and I gave 2 bleets. I reached down to put down my call and I heard a loud crack like a log was breaking and I looked up and I could see a deer coming out of the birch trees then I realized it was a buck. I reached for my gun and and got the hammer pulled back (I have a 30-30 open sight) and I got the gun on the window and he gave me a nice 50 yrd. walking broad side shot.

I shot and he buckled but kept on walking I shot a second and third shot he ran in the pines and fell I got over there and I thought it was only about a six or eight point! but he was a nine point. It was my first whitetail.

The funniest part of the hunt was also on the first day of season i say a nice 6 point whitetail and when i raised my gun i bumped it on the side of my stand and scared him away. But if i got that deer my dad would have been in my stand when the 9 point came out.

I also got a mule deer in Colorado this past season. The two deer were 2.5 weeks apart. I am 14 years old now but I was 13.

Thank you for reading my story.

Wyatt Jensen.