Power Line Buck

April 2003
Sturgis, MS

My name is Brian Kittrell. I am on the right and my dad, Larry Kittrell, is on the left. I am from Starkville, but live in Rankin County Mississippi now. My dad still lives in Starkville. I killed this big 11 pt. right outside of Sturgis, MS. I killed it on a powerline out about 200 yards on December 2001 at 8:30 AM. Me and my father have been hunting together all of my life and this is just one of the many good times and memories we have had hunting together. We do not get to hunt together as much since I have moved. I hope we have many more years of hunting together.

I was hunting at my hunting club on private leased land from my GP. I was hunting out of a box stand that me and my dad built. My dad had shot at this deer the same morning from his box stand one hour earlier. But it was at about 400 yards and he did not want to wound it. But he has enough hunting experience that he knew this big buck was looking for does and that he would cross the power line again on either me or him. One hour later, the big buck slipped across the power line about 600 or 700 yards away from where he had crossed bye him. I was hunting the other box stand and man was excited when I saw him come out. I could see those big horns shinning as soon as I saw him. This is the only deer I saw from the stand this morning. After shooting the big anumal, I got down to retrieve him and jumped two does bedded up 50 yards from where he laid. I have killed some big deer, but this is the biggest. The dear weighed 172 lbs. live. The deer is right at 20 inch inside spread.