First, Second, and Third Bucks!
Northern Wisonsin


My name is David Lockstein, and I hunt with my father (Roger Lockstein) in Northern Wisconsin. I am 26 and have been deer hunting for 14 years. I have never killed a buck in all that time. About two years ago I moved from Northern Wisconsin to Madison, so I don't get to spend a lot of time with my parents. For this reason my father and I decided to start hunting out of the same stand, so we can catch up on things and just enjoy our time in the woods.

This past hunting season I had an experience that I will never forget or equal for that matter. Opening morning about 6:30am my father and I are sitting in our stand and out came a buck. Seeing that I have never shot one my father was gracious enough to let me take the first shot while he watched thru his binoculars. The buck was standing about 35 yards away, and as I started to bring up my rifle he started looking nervous, and looking around. All of a sudden about 70 yards away a second buck came out. Both my father and I thought that was really odd, but hey two bucks we're not complaining. So being the capitalist American I am I got greedy and asked him which one was bigger. He quickly responded that the closer one was, so I aimed my 30-06 and took my shot. The second buck didn't move just stood there so I asked him if I should take the second one, he is just standing there. My father replied "No, no watch the first one." Well the first one ran about 30 yards and dropped. Then again I said "I can take'm, I can take'm" It didn't take more then the "O" from him saying ok for me to shoot. The second buck ran off so we waited for a few seconds. I was so excited I could hardly stand it.

We finally went down and started looking, we walked over to the first one and saw it was beautiful 8 pointer, later measuring showed a 13 1/2 in. inside spread. So we started looking for the second, walking around near where it was standing when I shot. No blood could be found, now I was thinking the whole time that the second shot was my better of the two, how could I miss. Well after following deer trail after deer trail about 100 yards away in the brush we found the other buck, another 8 pointer with an even nicer rack, 16 in. inside spread. So my father and I tagged the deer, and I went home Sunday to brag to my wife and colleges at work.

FINALLY, got a buck, and two for that matter. The next weekend my wife and I come up for thanksgiving, also happens to be that last weekend of hunting. My father and I go to our stand once more, he is hunting with a muzzle loader, and I came along for backup. We were just going to kill a doe, he wanted to tryout his new toy, a new .54 caliber muzzle loader (the type escapes my at the moment.) My aunt and her husband were hunting for a buck in the same area of the woods we were in. So we new if we saw a buck we could shoot it for them. close enough for a hunting party. Well we weren't in our stand 10 minutes when a 4 pointer came out followed by what looked like another 8 pointer. So we waited for them to get into range, this time I was letting my father shoot first, and he took his shot. Unfortunately, after the smoke cleared it appeared that he had missed, the 8 pointer ran about 10 yards and stopped. This time I waited for my father to say take'm, there again I only needed to hear "Tak" and I was shooting. I took my shot, and the deer ran off. After a couple minutes of waiting we went down and I found my third 8 pointer of the year, and life, this one turned out to have a few broken tines would have been a 9 pointer, measuring 14in. inside spread. Like I said this will be one year I will never forget or duplicate.

David Lockstein