Mary's Dad's Buck

by Mary

4/06 Ohio

I grew up with my dad teaching me to hunt because my dad had no son I kind of filled the shoes and started hunting at a young age we lived in Virginia and hunted with dogs I loved the sport and continued to hunt after I was married but about 14 years ago my husband and I moved to Ohio where you can't hunt with dogs so we had to learn new ways of hunting we became avid bow hunters and now enjoy hunting this way.

We have learned a lot thru web sites and books and other hunters so much in fact that I have passed on what I have learned to my dad during these 14 years I have not had the chance to hunt with my dad until last year the crossbow was legalized in VA and my dad at the age of 73 bought a crossbow and came up to Ohio. We spent all day Sunday sighting the bow in and going over the hunt my dad has a heart condition and cannot climb the hills in our hunting area so we had to come up with very short walks to stand sites.

I had decided to put my dad where I knew he would see a deer. Sometime during the week my husband would have to carry in his stand and then go back for his being we were on public land and the weight of the stand would be to much for dad. So on an early November mourning the three of us started out we got dad set up in his tree we wanted to stay near dad. We got within a hundred and fifty yards of each other.

It was only about 15 minutes after you could see pretty good that I heard deer moving at the top of the ridge where my husband was I was midway down and dad were towards the bottom. I started to grunt to them to see if I could get them to come down. It was working. They had come down to my level so I stopped calling when they got over to where my dad could see them. they stopped in a few seconds I could hear my dad grunt a few times and the buck started his way he got about 45 yards from him and stopped.

I could see the deer but I could also see my dad I saw him put up his crossbow and what seemed like for ever he held it, then he shot. The deer bolted back up towards my husband. I waited about 10 minutes before getting down then went over to my dad. Boy was he excited he told me the story 3 or 4 times before my husband joined us but what we didn't know was that the deer had crashed not even 15 yards from my husbands tree so we did not have to wait to retrieve the deer.

We heard the story all the way up the ridge only 150 yards but remember we had to move slow dad would get short breathed only after a few yards we had asked him to wait and we would go get his deer but he just had to come the buck was a six pointer with two small drop tines he wasn't a huge deer but to have the chance to hunt with my dad again is a dream come true my dad talks of coming up again this year if his health holds up so I pray that God and ask that my dad stays healthy enough so I can have one more hunt one more memory one more story.