Jonathan's B&C Monster

Jonathan McGuire's day began early. Rather than sleeping in like most fourteen year olds he was eager to get up and get into a tree stand. This was his first year hunting for a deer, and he was ready to go! As he headed to the stand with his father and cousins he reflected on the time he had spent hunting so far this year. His schedule consisted of school in the morning and sitting in a stand each evening.

It was now the second to the last day of the deer season, and still no buck. He had taken a doe, but his family had a tradition of taking bucks - only the big ones, and he wanted to continue that tradition.

After sighting some smaller deer, Jonathan noticed a doe that was walking a short distance then pausing and looking back indicating she was being followed. As the doe continued to move away from him, Jonathan finally got a look at the buck that was following her. From the portion of the rack that he could see he decided this was the buck! As the buck was clearing the brush Jonathan waited until he could see the chest clearly, then placed his first shot. The buck immediately went down. After a second shot to ensure a clean kill it was all over except for the celebration.


Jonathan's buck scores as follows:

Weight - 175 lbs.
B&C Net Score 199 1/8
21 Scoreable Points
23 Inch Main Beams
Inside Spread - over 20 inches
More than 40 inches of tines

Currently ranked as the largest non-typical taken by a youth in the state of Indiana during the 1999 season - possibly the biggest non-typical taken among all Indiana hunters last year.