Grandma's Buck
by Matt Fyffe

2/04 Johnson County, Kentucky

My name is Matt Fyffe and Im 15. Ive been hunting ever since I was 7 years old and Ive killed a deer every year since Ive been hunting. This year though I had no clue what was going to happen to me.

My dad and I set out for our favorite hunting spot next to my grandmas house and it was the second day of rifle season. We were set up around 15 minutes before daylight. We sit behind this old log that is decaying and were overlooking a hill covered with thick brush and its packed with whitetail, but the trick is to find them.

That morning we didnt see anything and I was disappointed and my dad could tell so he told me well come back later that evening and see what we can find. We got back at the same spot at around 3:15 and we waited for what seemed forever. I was so bored that I stopped paying attention. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere I heard a deer and my dad didnt so I looked down on an old trail and I saw a doe walking my way. My dad turned and saw me getting the rifle ready, then he said wait dont shoot shes nervous about something. So I waited and she disappeared, I remember thinking there went my chance for getting a deer this year because that was only the 5th or 6th deer we seen all year.

I then picked up my binoculars and flung them up. I swept across the hill expecting not to see anything. Then I caught a glimpse of something that looked like a deer and then I realized I was looking at the biggest deer of my life. I took my binoculars down and swallowed and said to my dad, Oh my God dad. He went what is it and I said there is a huge buck over there. It took him a while to find the deer, but when he did he told me to shoot it. After a few seconds he noticed I still hadnt shot and he asked me why I hadnt and I couldnt because there was brush in front of him.

I moved up along side of my dad and I had a clean shot. I remember looking down the scope shaking from the adrenaline and I remember thinking, just squeeze the trigger, just squeeze the trigger, nice and easy. Before I knew it the gun went off and the deer fell on his hind legs and his head moved back and forth a couple of times and fell over and I knew that was it I had him.
We walked over and claimed my trophy we went and showed my grandma and Ill never forget her face when she saw the deer and it will always stick with me because she passed away in January.

Thank you for allowing me to share this story with you.

Name: Matt Fyffe
Age: 15
Location: Johnson County, Kentucky