Three Strikes Buck!
Ohio, 11/2002

On the Sunday before gun season opened, me and a friend wanted to set up a good spot for my son, Mike. He is sixteen years old and had never got a deer. The evening before gun season we put a ladder stand in what had been a "hot spot" all during bow season. I had seen several big bucks roaming the thicket there, and thought they might be bedding down in that area. I took my son with us to set up the stand, and showed him which way to walk into it, and to sit very still till I came to get him out later in the morning.

I knew there were a couple of nice six points and one good eight point there. On the morning of gun season, Mike was up early and ready to go. He was excited to say the least. I dropped him off and watched him go get settled in the stand about 1/2 hour before daylight. I went to the other side of the field and sat down. I saw about seven deer in the field come daylight, and they were going Mike's way. I'll let him tell you the rest.

(Mike) I was in the stand, and it was about 7:50 am. I heard some movement to my left, and leaned forward to look. It was three deer, and one of them was a nice buck with about 6 points. They were about 35 yards away and walking real slow. When I had a clear shot, I fired once, then again, then the third time. I looked as the deer trotted away. I was mad and upset, knowing that I had just missed my chance.

I started putting more shells into my gun, when out of the thicket about 15 yards to the right of me, out walks this huge buck. I had just fired 3 times and it never bothered him. I took good aim, fired, and dropped him where he stood. I remember my dad saying if they try to get up,"hit him again", and the buck started to raise. I put another shot into him, and it was over. I was shaking, and could not believe what had just happened. When I finally got out of thre stand, there lay my FIRST Deer.

It was 10 points, with a 20 inch inside spread, and weighed in at 200 pounds. IT WAS A MONSTER. My dad came running to me and showed me how to field dress it. We took lots of pictures. While I wated on the 1 hour developing, I drove the truck all over town to show it to my friends. I will never forget this day.

Here is the picture. P.S. my dad says that from now on I have to scout myself and learn where the deer are at. I think my dad was as proud of me as I was of the deer. He sure did hug me a lot. Thank you for reading my story. You hear all the time about taking you son hunting, I say "go hunting with your dad", he would enjoy it, mine really did.Oh yeah, My name is Mike Shoup, I live in Wayne county, Ohio.My dad's name is Duane.I am 16 years old.