Nick's First Buck
Eastern Iowa


Hello my name is Nick Carlson I am from Eastern Iowa and got my first bow at 9 years old and shot my first doe at 11years old. and my second at 11. then I had some bad luck the next years and missed a small buck the first day out and on the last day hit one of the biggest that I have every seen while hunting in the loin and just tracked him for a mile but never found him. That was really disappointing. So this year I got anew bow a Martin Jaguar and I don't shoot a release but I use a glove.

It was morning on October 14 and I was pumped because this was our first morning hunting one of our bests spots. My brother (never got a deer hunting for 5 years) was going to sit in the same stand that my dad shot a 140 class animal the year before. But he didn't sleep well and decided to not go. So I sat there.

I was in the stand an hour and a half when I heard running to my self then I spotted a doe followed by a slightly bigger animal followed by a baby doe. I new that they were going to end up by my stand so I was looking out for them. My dad was 70 yards to my right. I seen the baby 20 yards to my left behind a huge cotton tree. I liked seeing deer that is a major reson why I hunt, I wasen't going to shoot a doe I was going for any thing with antlers! The does ended up eight yards in front of my stand. Then I leaned out hoping to see a buck and sure enough I did twenty yards away, I stayed calm......he walked to within fifteen yards and i pulled back my 62 LBS Martin Jaguar and carefully took aim. I realized I was so focused of my aiming that I didn't hear anything....all I seen was a fluff of hair right behind the shoulder blade. A PERFECT SHOT.

He ran up the hill (thats when my dad caught a glimps of him) I got down scaring the does away (I didn't care right then i just wanted to talk to my dad) he says "its only 7:40 whay are you doing" I replyed "hey dad I shot" We trailled him up the hill which looked like somebody was dumping red paint all the way up. We found it and I was really excited. we went to get my sisters (both younger). And I gutted it and took it out to a deer processing place because it was so hot but we usually do it our selfs but it was to hot like 70 degrees. We got it back in one and a half months but the place lost my antlers and I was mad. he field dressed 141# and had four points.

Nick Carlson

"Live well, laugh often, love much"