My First Buck

by Jessica Noble

11/05 Jonesborough, TN

Well, it was the second and last day of the youth hunt. But,we had been there the day before and heard the deer coming down .Something spooked,we got up Early Sunday morning and headed for the stand.
We had been there for an hour and had been hearing them..Then my grandpa was like, DONT MOVE, HERE THEY COME.
At first it looked as if they were going to turn off onto the trail instead of going out to the patch of grass we have worked SO HARD ON ,we had to come out and clear it out plant the seed etc etc. But, they did not turn off..they came right down to the grass..

Once i had a good shot at the little spike (the bigger of the two) then he turned..My grandpa said he was thinking .."is she gonna shoot or..." then BANG. After the shot i was shaking all over.He assured me he did see fur fly. We waited about 30 minutes then climbed down from our stand...Sure enough..we found blood,fur and lung matter. "with a shot like that he couldn't have gotten very far!" said my grandfather..we could not find any more blood so..we looked down hill of course..Nothing!

then we split up my grandfather up and me down..Then i heard a yell "HEY,JESS!!FOUND SOME BLOOD!!!" I ran up the hill as fast as i could and sure enough..He did find blood....There on the ground next to the tree lay a spike horn.
I wouldn't let him help me drag him to the place where i field dressed him.I was so Proud and still am.. that's the story of my first deer.

I honestly can't wait till next time i get to go out into the woods and set up in that stand with my grandpa!!

Jessica Noble