Chris's Secret Spot

12/02 North Carolina

Chris's Secret Spot

About three years ago I found a small section of woods that sat behind a small apartment complex. I was wanting to go do some scouting in the area after seeing a beautiful 10 point watching a few does in the field. I grabbed my binocs and was amazed at the size of this animal. Even though I am from Indiana where the deer are much larger than here in North Carolina it was still an amazing sight.

I found out who owned the property and got permission to do some bow hunting. After permission was granted I began the hunt. I walked not even 30 yards into the woods and to my surprise the woods were tore up. scrapes and rubs everywhere. My heart was pounding and I was not even hunting yet.The next day I had got in the woods early enough to let things settle down so not to spook the deer. By 7:00 am I had 6 does within 20 yards of my stand but still no buck. I sat until my stomach could take no more . I got down just long enough to go grab a sandwich at the nearby gas station. I returned to my stand about a hour later.

Sitting my stand for about a hour things were heating up 3 does came out and then disappeared. I thought that was it until... there he was an eight point walked out and gave me a beautiful broad side shot . The buck ran and dropped just 50 yards from the truck which made for easy dragging.

I left the woods alone for the rest of that year. Due to work my hunting was limited for the 2002 season I had been in the woods only a few times and knew that there was still a big buck in the area. I had finally told the wife that I was hunting Saturday night regardless. I got in the woods the evening of November 5 2002 at about 1:00 pm just enough time to let things settle. The clouds were out and the rain was starting to come down . But I was holding on. I sat and sat and sat and nothing . It started getting dark and I told myself just ten more minutes. At the ten minute mark I started to stand up in my stand and could not even stand all the way up when I heard something walking up. I froze, I looked and all I could see was the white tips of a nice rack. I only had one window to shoot from the direction he approached. It was a V in a branch that was about 23 yards away. All in one I put my release on stood and drew. But the buck heard me draw and froze. I was at full draw and just needed the buck to take two more steps. But he turned his head and started smell the air. But being at about 30 feet in the air I knew he could not smell me. Still at full draw, heart pounding and arms shaking holding my 2002 Martin altitude magnum at full draw I waited . finally about 2 minutes later he stepped and stepped again I put the first pin on which is dead on out to about 28 yards and released.

The buck hunched as though he was hurt and darted. I listened and watched as he ran off. Then about 50 yards away I heard a crash. I thought either he hit a patch of trees and crashed through it or he is down. I did not know and it was killing me to know. I rapped my bow up and lowered it to the ground and climbed out of the tree. Wrapping all of my stuff up and putting my stand on my back I went to the spot that I shot the buck. But it was raining so all blood was mixing in with the rain. I could not find my arrow but I looked at the V in the branch and back at the ground and there it was a bright red arrow.

I took all of my stuff to the truck allowing the buck to lay. I grabbed a bigger light and began the search. No blood all I could follow was were he kicked up the ground. I looked and looked and nothing. So then I called a good hunting buddy of mine, Tim Johnson, and told him I may need his help. He asked where I was and of course I told him I was at the secret spot. He was mad because he knew what I was hunting. I told him give me ten minutes and I would call him back. I then walked to the area that I heard the big buck go down again nothing. Now I started second guessing my shot. So I called him back and said I needed his help . He said he was on his way. I walked about ten feet and under a fallen tree there sat the biggest buck I had ever shot with a bow. I was ecstatic. I called him back and told him never mind just meet me at the house so he could see my prize.

the buck ending up having a 15 7/8 inside spread 5 1/2 in bases and had a 28 in. plus inch neck. and got scored at a 132 . Live weight of 215 lbs which is a brute for the coastal region of North Carolina. But the hunt is never over... his big brother which is a ten point with about a 20 in. inside spread is still on the look out.

Thank -you for experiencing my best hunt yet hope you enjoyed it as well.

Chris Ovanek