Josh's First Buck
by Josh Phenix

7/05 Crystal, Michigan

hello my name is Josh Phenix and I am 15 from Crystal, Michigan. I killed this deer on 11/15/04 he was my first deer and it was my first time gun hunting alone. Me and my Dad arrived at the land we hunt on about 6:30 A.M. and we hunt on a fence row right next to a 60 acre hay feild. So about 6:45 A.M.i climb in to my tree stand and my dads stand was about 60 yards from my stand. At about 9:00 A.M. my dad shot a nice doe and i had the only knive between us so he had to come get me out of my stand so i climb up in his stand in stead of going back to mine then at about 10:00 I seen a couple of big doe running across the feild SO I THOUGHT, so i shot at the first doe but i missed and as soon as i shot the second doe stoped dead in its tracks but it wasnt a doe it was my buck and so i racked another shell in the chamber and i said to my self i wasnt going to miss this deer, and BOOM!!!! i droped him in his tracks he was a 12 point with a 18 inch inside spread and he was about 215 pounds feild dressed. So thats the story of my first deer