From West Virginia
Ricky Riner of Harpers Ferry, 7/21/2000

Hi, I'm a 15 year old hunter from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.
Here's my story about my first deer I shot. My grandfather, father, and uncles have been going to Hampshire County, West Virginia, where my grandfather had bought some and and put a house trailer on, to hunt. Well, my grandfather and I made plans to go on a trip to the house trailer on my Thanksgiving Break for the up-coming season. It was opening day of rifle season and I had bought a doe stamp so I could shoot a doe if one happened to wonder near.
I got out in the woods, not too far away from the house trailor we were staying in, and up jumped, what I saw were 2 or 3 does. They were too far away to shoot, about 250 yards, with my dad's .257 he was letting me use. After spotting these deer jump up, I decided to find a spot close to where I was standing. I sat down on a medium-sized rock and leaned against the tree behind me.
About 15 minutes later I saw something out of the corner of my eye towards a field. Looking over I counted 5, what I thought were does. From hunting near the location in previous unsuccessful years, I knew they were going to come into the woods and follow a trail to a creek below. Knowing this I looked for an opening between the trees where I felt they were going to come into the woods at. I propped the faithful gun on me knee aiming in that direction after making sure nothing was behind the location the gun was aimed in. The deer started easing into the woods and I then looked through the scope. As soon as I had a good shot on the first deer I saw, I took off the safety and BOOM.
The deer I shot starting running strait towards me while the others stayed in a fright. I aimed at it again. BOOM. I missed this time, but the shot made the deer turn away from me. It ran about 30 yards towards the field and dropped. It started to kick as I got up from my location. The other deer stayed untill the third shot which ended the hurt deer's life. My grandfather was only about 300 to 350 yards down the woods from me so I yelled for him to come and help me since this was my first deer. It wasn't untill we went to field dress the deer when we noticed that this was no doe that we both thought it was. The deer was a button-buck.
Being my first deer I shot with my dad's gun he handed it over to my possession, as his father, or my grandgfather, did with him. I was and still am very proud of my first deer in a legendary hunting spot in Hampsire County, WV and that my dad gave me his gun that I know was one of his most prized possessions.