From Kentucky
Sheila T. 7/21/2000

I am 14 years old, I live in kentucky and have hunted whitetail for 5 years the first year I hunted It was opening weeked (gun season)It was alittle after 8:30 am and I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of a twig snap, I looked up and their was the biggest buck I've ever seen! It looked like a10 pointer (typical) The deer was standing about 3-yards from my stand. So close I could have hit it with my bow. My father had gotten me a gun safty strap so my gun couldn't shot me. I had told him that morning it wasn't tight enough but he didn't liston. The safty thing I had on had slipped down on my shoulder and I couldn't raise my winchester 30-30 so I bent down to aim and my tobogin fell over my eye's so I slowly pushed it back off my eyes and a gust of wind cought it and blew it off my head. The deer ran off so I fixed my shoulder and shot I missed I cryed for an hour. I haven't seen him since. That deer definatly would have been a Bone and Crocket. I've watched big bucks this year (none nearly the size of that one but nice ones) I didn't kill him I never saw him during gunseason. Only during bow season and he was always 50 yards to far away. Oh-well, He'll be their next year and he will be bigger. I will get him!!!
Shelia T.