Shane's Full Blast Buck
by Shane Stine

12/04 Harrison County, Ohio

My name is Shane Stine and I am 13 years old, I live in Ohio, in Harrison County, I have been going hunting fwith my dad and family members since I was about 2 1/2 years old, I shot my first buck when I was 8 with a muzzel loader it was a nice 8 point, I shot my next buck when I was 9 it was a 10 pointer then at 12 I shot my 4th buck another 10 pointer, I didn't get a buck one year since I had been hunting.
I had been doing alot of scouting this year me and my cousins go sometimes when my dad was busy, and always saw alot of signs and new there were some big bucks in the area, I have 5 cousins that hunt with me along with our dads, and we have alot of trophys on the wall, but none like I would end up with this year.
I had been telling my mom and dad I really wanted to get a buck with my bow this year, I had been doing alot of practicing and hopefully was ready.
One afternoon on the 2nd weekend of bow season my dad and uncle and 3 of my cousins decided to go out, we had been in the woods for awhile and my cousin Justin and I decided to go to where my dad was at and see if he was ready to go, and uncle and other 2 cousins were on down in the woods, we got up and started walking when I saw a nice 8 pointer comming towards us, my cousin was a little ways behind me and I motioned for him to get down, there was a fence line there so I stood behind the fence post and drawed my bow back and had my pins on him when I saw a bigger buck running full blast towards him, so I waited on him, he wasn't going to slow down so I grunted with my voice (something I do all the time and my mom and sister get really tired of hearing).... and he slowed down enough that I got my arrow on him and shot, I knew I hit him because I could hear the arrow hit, I was really excited and my cousin came running up and said "you got him" so we went to get my dad who was on his way towards us anyways and he ask if we saw the bucks and my cousin said yea Shane shot a big one,, well the buck had run about 40 yards and dropped by this time my uncle and cousins were up to us and then when we actually could see him we couldn't believe our eyes, he was a monster....thats when I actually got excited I couldn't believe it, it was a dream buck come true, everyone was so excited for me, and when we took it home for my mom and sister to see they couldn't believe their eyes, I told my mom I got my buck with my bow.
He has 21 points and a 20 inch spread and dressed out at 290 lbs. he was rough scored at 189.