Iowa Corn Monster
by Chris Stewart

11/04 Denmark, IA

The morning of the 13th nov.

I don’t get to go as much as I like because of my job and kids activities but this morning was all mine.

I was in my stand at 5:45 the wind out of the north which was perfict for that spot facing south corn field

With a very large timber behind me .

At about 6:20 I was standing looking across the field watching the sun come up

When I herd a noise from behind me at first I thought it was a squirrel then I got a full on view of the largest

Deer I have ever seen.

I always carry a video cam but there was no time, I reached for my bow and he was coming right at me.

There was no clear shot through the timber .

He walked 40 yards out around me came back in at about 30 walked out of the timber and right across my

30 yard marker . I was at full draw at that time took a deep breath and shot.

Just as I shot he backed up a foot and I though I just kliped his neck when I accually shot him through the

Wind pipe and severing his jugular vein .

He ran right out in front of me 75 yards and layed down most incredible

He rough scored 195 none typical….

Nov 15 2004

Chris Stewart

Denmark IA.