Helena's First Buck
Reinlander WI

Donny & I went hunting on public property in Rhinelander, WI for opening gun season. We went out to our stands at 5:30 AM so he could set up a shooting rest for me. Around 6 AM I climbed the tree, settled in and began the waiting game. Donny told me that in the past the deer come in under this particular stand around 9 AM so I knew I was in for a wait. He was hunting about 150 yard from my stand and around 8 AM I heard him shoot.

Figuring the deer wouldn't come into my area for another 30 minutes I started playing with the hand warmers to warm my hands. Around 8:15 AM, I heard something in the trees in front of me. Instinctively, I looked up, to see a deer. At first I thought it was a big doe. When the deer poked his head out of the woods into the clearing I noticed it was a buck. I pulled up my 270 Saur rifle to my shoulder to get the deer in my scope. As soon as I did that, I found the kill zone, as he walked 30 yards in front of me broadside. I remember releasing the safety but don't remember pulling the rifle snug in my shoulder or pulling the trigger. I heard a BAM, and saw the buck arch his back, just like I'd seen in all the hunting videos I'd watched with Donny. When I saw him buck, and run, I knew I had a very good shot.

I watched him run off into the woods to my right. Then I heard him cry out before he fell to the ground. A second later, I thought I saw him standing with his tail up. So I pulled my scope up to my eye to get a better look but couldn't find him. He had fallen and would never again get up! Excited I whispered, "Thank you, Jesus!" I waited for 5 minutes before Donny came into the clearing. I signaled to him that I hit a buck. After climbing out of the tree, we went 60 yards from the stand to find my first buck, my first kill, laying still. It was wonderful! I was so excited! Upon gutting the entrails from the buck, we found that half his heart was blown away!

Needless to say, I was very proud of my shot. I was happy that I caused no suffering to the deer and so happy that it was an excellent shot.  By the way, Donny shot a doe that morning and he said I could tell people that I outdid him this year!  Helena Jacobsen