The Two Click Bang Buck
Rocksprings, TX. 11/18/2000

My name is Steve Tallant I'm 32 years old from San Antonio, Texas. My story starts November 16, 1998. My first Texas hunt was on an invite from a buddy from work. He told me about his 50 acre ranch in Rocksprings, Tx and how he's been seeing some nice deer prior to the opening of hunting season. I had never hunted before, and really had always enjoyed the outdoors so it seemed a natural thing to do. I invested in a rifle (a used Winny 30. 06) at the local gunshop bought some other gear and got prepared.

We arrived at about 1 O'clock on a Friday. Stowed all our gear, and walked out to the blinds. Tom Garcia, the owner, placed me in his favorite blind and told me I would have good luck there. It was about 75 degrees and clear. Just before sundown a few does walked up to the feeder, and I could feel the rush. It was really exciting to just see deer in the wild. I lifted up the Winney and looked at the deer through the scope, the sun seem to blur the picture really bad so I didn't attempt a shot, and deer went on their merry way. That evening I told the guys what had happened, and Tom didn't think that sounded right. We looked at the scope and sure enough the gas inside the scope and imploded or mixed with air some how (probably from firing it and sighting it in) and caused a fine residue to adhere to the inside of the glass. I was feeling pretty bad, everything for nothing.

Well luckily Tom had a .243 he let me borrow for the next day. We hit the blinds early and right at sun up there were 3 does, a spike and a small 6pt at the feeder. So imbetween uncontrolled shakes I contemplated my strategy and knowing Tom didn't feel that bucks with less than 8pts were good deer to kill, but complained about the amount of spikes. I laid the cross-hairs down on the spike, but all of a sudden all 5 deer looked in the brush, I waited and out came a nice 8pt buck. I started to shake all over again, a perfect broadside shot. I put the scope on deer's shoulder and squeezed the trigger! CLICK! I had never put a round in the chamber. Of course the buck heard me and took off. I believe I heard him laugh, but could have been just me. So again I went back to camp and told the guys, Tom agreed the 6pt was too small to shoot but the spike was a shooter.

Well we were gonna head out again around 4pm, but from some mags I had read I believed since there was a full moon, it was possible the deer could be feeding midday, so I left at about 3pm to the blind. As I walked up from behind the blind I could see down the draw that there was a deer at the feeder, my heart started to beat furiously. I set my gear down on the rocks and took a seat right behind some cactus. I lifted the rifle and through the scope I could see it was the same 8 pointer from the morning. I could barely hold the rifle, as the buck quartered away to eat I laid the cross hairs on it's shoulder, then CLICK! again I couldn't believe it, but this time the deer didn't budge. So I loaded a round, never looking up hoping the deer would not bust me. Finally, I look down and he's turned broadside for a perfect 75 yard shot. BANG...old bucky goes down where he stood. I can't d

I was very thankful to Tom Garcia for giving me the opportunity to explore the world of hunting, since then I have picked up bow hunting, (still waiting for my first kill) and bought my own ranch in Del Rio, Tx. We've had a little luck out there so far but nothing worthy of a story. But I will tell you that this 2000 season we have seen, and my brother has taken a shot at a very nice 10 pointer. We guess he has about a 23 inch spread and he's been tearing it up on our property with scrapes and rubs. It's very exciting, now that would be a good story.

Steve Tallant