Tammy's First Buck

by Tammy

3/06 North Eastern Pennsylvania

Hi, My name is Tammy. I am 25 years old. This is the first time I ever went hunting. My boyfriend Ron taught me to shoot a rifle. Until that day I had never shot a gun. I guess I picked up the knack for shooting pretty quick. We live in North Eastern Pennsylvania. I have been with my boyfriend now for about 3 years. I never seen a deer killed before so for the first 3 years I watched him. This year I decided to go hunting. I went hunting with my boyfriend and 2 friend of his.

We went out the first day. I seen some doe but in our area shooting the doe would be detrimental to the area. Anyway, I decided well.... If there are doe... There should be a buck. So I sat it out that day hoping to see a buck. I finally got a good look at one but just that fast it was in a bad spot to try to shoot. The weather that day was pretty calm and cold. There was no snow on the ground. We went out the next day and I seen about 4 more doe. I figure a buck is here somewhere so I waited it out.

Anyway the following week on a Tuesday we woke up to find that it has snowed. Perfect I thought. At least this way I would be able to pick the deer out better up in the field above our home. My boyfriend and I decided to hunt from the same stand that morning.

It was just getting light out. I was settling in and getting comfortable and he was looking around. We looked around for about 1 hour and there was nothing in sight. Finally Ron says to me......" GET YOUR GUN THERE'S POINTS ALL OVER" so I picked up my 243 and sited in on the buck. I was aiming at his shoulder on his left side. He was looking back at me. I shot and hit him. I hit him in the center of his back..... He hunched up and dropped. I was so excited. I was trembling. It's like in my mind I knew I hit it but at the same time I was Shocked I actually hit it.

We waited for our friends to come and we went and got the deer. It landed right in a path we have above our house and had no trouble getting to him. I looked at him and was completely shocked. We drug him down closer to our home and decided to gut him. Upon gutting found out I shot and blew his lungs out. I have the bullet. It is pretty nice for a first deer. And to everyone else who is thinking about hunting....... Try it!

You will either Love it or hate it.